Order Early!

When trees are ready for delivery, inventory is allocated to signed orders based on order date, earliest orders receiving top priority. Thus, ordering as soon as you can —whether before, during or after budding— ensures your best chances of receiving preferred quantities and sizes.

The majority of Dave Wilson Nursery commercial trees are, in fact, budded or grafted for orders already in place. Approximate propagation timing and recommended pre-bud order dates for DWN commercial trees are shown below. Note: for rootstock that is to be grafted or spring budded, varieties that can be ordered are limited to those for which adequate scion wood was put into cold storage the previous fall/winter. Thus, the first inquiry date for spring-budded items, stone fruits especially, should be early November.

Propagation Calendar — Dave Wilson Nursery Commercial Orchard Stock
Product Bud/Graft Timing* Recommended Pre-bud Order Date* ** Months to Digout
Apples, 2-year, fall budded September August 25 16
Walnuts, 2-year, fall budded September August 25 16
Walnuts, 2-year, grafted March and April February 25 10
Cherries, 2-year, spring budded March to early April February 25 (Nov 1) 10
Cherries, 1-year, spring budded April March 25 (Nov 1) 9
Prunes, 1-year, spring budded April March 25 9
Almonds, apricots, peaches, plums and hybrids, 1-year, spring budded April and May March 25 (Nov 1) 9
Apples, 1-year, spring budded mid April to May April 10 9
Almonds, 1-year, "June" budded May to early June May 1 8
Apricots, peaches, plums and hybrids, 1-year, "June" budded May and June May 15 8
Potted Almonds, all rootstocks Jan. to early Oct.
"1-year" (bare root) trees: roots and variety scion grow for one or most of one season.
"2-year" (bare root) trees: roots grow for two seasons, variety scion one season.
*Propagation timing can vary from year to year due to weather and production decisions.
** For dormant wood planning of some items, Nov 1 is the recommended early order/inquiry date.