About creating an order request

The orderdavewilson.com catalog includes all commercial orchard items (excluding experimentals, grower specials, etc.) budded and grafted by Dave Wilson Nursery during the most recently completed propagation year (July 1 to June 30). Please inquire regarding new varieties or additional variety-rootstock combinations.

The minimum order is 100 trees per variety. Order requests from outside the U.S. are not solicited, but may be considered.

For information about current and future availability, submit an order request (login required) or otherwise contact DWN Commercial Sales. For basic information about varieties and rootstocks, see Product Information for Commercial Orchards and Rootstock Comparisons.

Cart & item detail
Registration ("Create new account" at left) and login are required for use of the shopping cart and the order request system.

Products are added to the cart by clicking on an item in the catalog, then entering quantity, preferred size if any, and clicking "Add to cart". The cart may be viewed at anytime (tab above) before completing/submitting the order request.

Order request items are created for a typical size: 1/2" for 1-year trees, 5/8"or 3/4" for 2-year and No.1 (30") for potted. If a preferred size is selected for a calipered (bare root) item, it will be noted on the formal order/contract. Actual size shipped depends on product growth, order date and customer preference.

Price and royalty amounts are displayed for validated Dave Wilson Nursery commercial customers. "Royalty" includes variety and/or rootstock royalty amount, if any. Some fruit variety royalties may be discounted for high-density plantings (discuss with DWN Commercial Sales).

If prices for the example sizes are displayed, request “Order total” is a subtotal before adding the California Fruit Tree, Nut Tree and Grapevine Improvement Assessment (1% by law), and sales tax. The contract and invoice will, of course, include these amounts. Invoices for all trees delivered by DWN truck will include the delivery fee of $.07 per tree. All trees are invoiced for actual size shipped, per the commercial price list.

Clicking "Checkout" takes the user to the billing and order/contact information pages.

Billing information
Information entered here is retained for the user's account; multiple addresses are accommodated.

Note the cart contents on the checkout and review order pages do not include custom fields such as preferred size. The complete shopping cart can be reviewed anytime before hitting the final "Continue to next step" button on the "Review order" page.

Order & contact information
Be sure to indicate whether the order request is to be processed as a definite order, a formal quotation, or tentative pending discussion and further evaluation - and if the request is for a future year.

Order requests should be checked carefully, as once submitted ("completed"), edits are not permitted. If changes or additions are necessary, please submit a replacement request tagged accordingly.

When placing an online order request, no payment is involved. All deposits, payments and payment terms are handled by DWN sales administration. See "Account and Contract" (menu at left, login required) for information about how a request becomes a confirmed order.

Order requests are typically reviewed for next step by DWN Sales Admin within one business day of receipt.